I try to get some exercise daily. I try to do the exercise course at the park every two days. At first, a year ago, I could not do a chin-up at the park. Starting from zero complete chin-ups, now I can do four.

But today I did three. The fourth was too hard.

When you’re young, your gym teacher tells you to push past your limits. This is good advice at that age. If a youngster does manage to overdo it and get sore, he or she will heal quickly and grow stronger fast. But older people heal more slowly. As I have said before, patience is the hardest part for me.

Injury or soreness sets you back. For continued progress, you must not overdo it.

Of course, patience is only one of the attitude adjustments I need. Lately I am progressing. But an aging person knows that eventually, his or her physical condition will plateau; and later, despite best efforts, the physical condition will decline; and eventually, the physical condition will be: dead. This is hard to accept at any age.


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