A Run

After stretching, I ran a little over quarter mile. I mean I ran it, no jogging, with an all-out finish for the final 50 yards. It was exhilarating. I estimate this is the first time in twenty years that I ran that far. (I never keep exercise records; this blog is the closest thing.)

At the end the cooldown took longer than the run. Now that’s life after sixty!

I give credit to the well-rounded exercise course at the park. Hiking is good for you, of course. It can be cardio. It is necessary  if you plan to do … more hiking.

But the park routine works all the major muscles. You can do more cardio than with just running or walking, because the legs get rest along the way. The routine builds more muscle in total than just walking or running. And, it’s better-looking muscle – chest, abs, arms, glutes! (My legs are just too hairy to be eye candy.)

I started regular workouts, walking fast, about two-and-a-half years ago. My cardio function has improved gradually. I am pretty sure that in two months of the park routine, it has improved faster.


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