“If You Have Some Young Folks Around”

Governor Christie and his administration just guided the state of NJ through a snow emergency. It appears they did an excellent job. In a press conference, talking about people shoveling their snow, Christie said,  “If you have some young folks around, get them to do it.”

It is a shame that older people can no longer shovel their snow safely. We are a nation of fat weak out-of-shape lazy sickly people, many of whom are old. Some of us are victims of circumstance. Most of us are victims of ourselves.

!WARNING! If you are an out-of-shape reader, DO NOT shovel 20 inches of wet snow from your driveway and sidewalk. It would kill you or put you in the hospital. I wouldn’t want that. (It would cost me indirectly, in taxes or insurance premiums.)

I saw my great-grandfather mowing the hay in the back acres. With a scythe! (He had sweet set of sickles and scythes in assorted sizes.) He was eighty years old.

!WARNING! If you are an out-of-shape reader, who has acres of ripe hay and a sweet set of sickles and scythes, DO NOT mow the back acres with your scythe, it would put you  etc etc

So, for my beloved readers who happen to be shamefully weak and shapeless, what exactly am I suggesting?

You will benefit from a moderate plan of exercise which starts with what you can do comfortably. Then, make progress slowly. I spent a year walking and hiking before I began to jog, and then, only on downhills. It is important not to overdo it, because you will be injured and that will reverse your progress, because you will weaken as you rest the injury.

Patience is one of the hardest parts.

I would write more, but it’s time to shovel the snow.


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