Dr M Says

AFAIK, Dr M is one of the medical greats. I haven’t had any medical problems he couldn’t help with. Maybe I haven’t presented any great challenges.

But  I am straying from his advice. Dr M advises older folk against running, including some people under sixty. He says it is hard on the joints. (Cue Cheech and Chong.)

I would imagine that longer distances of real running are a lot harder on the joints than my current regime. At the exercise course, I jog between stations, around a mile total, plus a sprint at the end. Otherwise, I do a path that measures 1 1/4 miles, walking and  jogging. Or I do similar distances elsewhere. Yesterday’s work was walking the path three times, with a little jogging.

A muscle in my right thigh was sore before that, and again after. I hate to lose progress, but I think today’s day off for the legs was a good idea.

A (former) life of desk jobs and frequent bouts of inaction decimated my core muscles and cardio fitness. The very same was very easy on the joints. Maybe I have cartilage to burn. I’ll rethink it if and when pain, nature’s messenger of truth, tells me otherwise.


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