Energy Crisis

Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry. Today I had an errand, so I had a late lunch, so I was hungry, so I ate a lot, so afterward I fell asleep in the recliner chair. When I awoke after an hour, the light of day was waning. (The shortest day of the year is a week away.)

I was tempted to eschew the exercise course. But I went. I did eschew the pull-ups and monkey bars, due to my left shoulder’s issues. Everything else was a chore.

I tried to use my aesthetic attitude and appreciate the sky. It was a dull dishwater grey.

It was colder today than it has been for weeks. Ancient hibernation hormones demanded a sensible course of inaction. I guess everybody has to find their own motivation and their own inspiration. I find Tom Petty’s “Climb That Hill” works for me lately.

When I was young, while I ran, I used to imagine myself in a Stone-Age clan, chasing down some meat on the hoof with the other hunters. In comparison, Tom Petty’s music is tired, slow, and low-energy. Oh well.


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