Squeezing My Balls

For many years I squeezed tennis balls and rubber balls in my left hand quite often.  This strengthened my left wrist, which was permanently injured when I was twenty years old. If I stopped doing the exercise, eventually I would re-aggravate the old injury.

But two years ago I forgot my squeezing routine. This led to re-injury when I was doing the exercise course at the local park.

So now I am back to squeezing my balls. I also squeeze my brain. I have an old palm-sized rubber  brain which is an advertiser for the “Lotus Masters Broadcast Connection”.  (That’s the “Lotus Notes” Lotus, not the “Jewel In The Heart of the” Lotus, and not the “really fast and uncomfortable car” Lotus.)

Another joint that needs work is my left shoulder. It has always dislocated freely in certain positions. (My jaw does too.) I was thirty before I learned that this is abnormal. Strengthening it definitely helps, and luckily the exercise course does touch on the right muscles. Probably I should add some free weights work on the shoulders and arms.

I wonder what a good artificial shoulder would cost. But it’s moot; I have a horror of cutting through skin, especially my own. I would have to be pretty desperate to get cut up voluntarily.


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